Saturday - January 7th, 2023 - :)

I’m back! School started back up Tuesday. Which was my birthday! I’m gonna start with my birthday. I’m 18 now :). My friend… who I will call capy…. gave me a little puppet guy, a turquoise (like the stone) patterned little skull, an eye coin purse, 3 little canvases, and then a drawing of an otter!!! very very sweet :). My friend….. who I will call dave…. gave me a little skeleton who i made a tiny blue jacket for, and then my friend….who I will call leo…. gave me some mexican candy :). Or like… candy from mexico. and she also gave us all bracelets she got also and mine is purple. Then my mom gave me a cuphead shirt, fluttershy earrings, an eye bracelet (i’ll show it off tomorrow), and a mother mother shirt and hoodie, and my dad got me like 3 more mother mother shirts and they hayloft ep. He acted like he had to Find It as if I didn’t literally link it. And then we went to red lobster so I could get crab legs :). I also got an among us cake that I wanted :) its very good. I enjoyed my birthday

but there was school. Nothing was wrong really it was fine. I got 2 new classes, government and… library aid. Government is fine, leo is in there, but also the dude I have a crush on? I’m gonna give him a nickname hes gonna be blue, hes in there also and he also knows leo. and we were doing this game where we moved around. and we both latched on to leo. so it was a little awkward. but its fine LOL that… wont happen again. Oh but now i know he has 3 cats. and one of them is named worm. and hes the prettiest guy in the world. I haven't seen the teacher since that day though LMAO. Library class… well first of all i had to go get the class. I had a hole in my schedule and there are so many people with a close last name to mine so my counselor was super busy. But it didn’t take long for me when i got to her she just said “hey heres a list of options” and i was like. Library. I dont know what it means though I just showed up and sat down. whatever. nothing class. fine by me except its freshman lunch so its annoying.

i had a bad day thursday. my mom took me to a therapy appointment that actually... wasnt it was more of an evaluation. and it was fine but she perscribed me two things and gave me no physical conformation so i was unclear and my dad was mad and my mom got mad when she thought i got perscribed antipsycotics (I wasnt. like she just assumed that based on 3 letters) schedueled my next appointments on the wrong days (doesnt help that theyre all only monday wednesday friday, the days i have rehersal, and are at latest 3pm, when i have school) and then when i realized that i finally broke down. and they wont let me reschedule it. Like i called... and they just didnt call me back. which, to be fair, they promised 24 business hours, so they could technically call me on monday :/ during school :/ whatever. ALSO they perscribed me an antianxiety medicine and my dad doesnt want me on medicine so my mom calls me in and goes "okay so we decided that maybe you shouldnt take them until your therapist talks to you is that okay" and im like yeah whatever but now my dad is acting like they never said that anytime i try to ask him about it :( and its very confusing and this whole thing was supposed to be helping be but i hvent felt worse in weeks.

Christmas was fun though i didnt talk about it here. I got… a bunch of stuff LOL i’m not gonna list it all. but i got a lot of cool stuff :) we went to my grandmas house on christmas like every year and usually she doesnt start cooking until we get there but that’s not what happened! It still took like all day. But not literally! we left to her house later than usual so it did still feel late when we left. I got a bunch of dolls though! Draculaura, Cleo, Splash beauty, and Emma Emo. And basic fun Posey Lickety Split and Cherries Jubilee :D!!!

That’s all. bye :D