Thursday - January 26th, 2022 - ummmm.

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these I haven’t really felt like being creative in a while. I don’t know why. I think I need to get into something else for a bit I need some inspiration from something else for a while. Some inspiration I can work on. I’ve been OBSESSED with View Monster by Lemon Demon but its not a workable obsession its more. Like. Fun. And that’s great but I’m an artist. I think if I made music I could work on the musical inspiration I get. I love breakcore music I’d love to make a lemon demon inspired breakcore album. Or something. I’ve tried to do that with music we played in orchestra? It was fun but it was pretty bad. I’m so obsessed with water themes I would be so cool… to make a water themed album. Like pool water, gross bath water, normal bath water, lake water ocean water you get the idea. shower. idk. a really long sad shower and a really short morning shower and a really clean nice shower. In music. I don’t know I could do that in a visual medium too I love sketching bathrooms but um it’s just not what i want to do.

Um schools been kinda ass I guess its more. The aspect of being at school all day. But we had a snow day yesterday. We didn’t need it the roads were fine it wasnt even. below freezing. it snowed tuesday and was also just fine but everyone else closed and we didnt (but I left early) so i guess. they felt bad. Today was kinda overwhelming. um I think it was just… anxiety. general sensory issues. plus tired. I don’t know. First hour was just boring research which I am bad at because i can read very well. kinda. I don’t know why i cant read i don’t know how to describe it. lol. etc whatever. Second hour… god I hate my Government teacher. She turned this easy 10 minute assignment into a whole class period assignment by making us move our desks and hand these 6 papers around. for an assignment we did not have to do in a group. annoying annoying stupid stupid. blue wasn’t even here today why was i even there. annoying “can you live on minimum wage? :) (no)” assignment in third hour. playing test i feel like i bombed in fourth hour. i cried which was EMBARRASSING!!!! i was so cool about it though :) I only got a 95 which isnt. bad. like thats a fine grade but its the lowest score i ever got and I really wanted first chair which.. um… i got? lol um he literally picked favorites. or whatever. I know im good at the part and he knows im good at the part but also i started visibly shaking the moment i put my bow on the string despite NOT overthinking it!!! um so i think he understood the issue. he thinks i deserve first chair for contest :). and then 5th hour was loud and 6th hour was a fire drill. 7th hour was FINALLY okay but it was the end of the day. ohh. well

thats all. byee