Friday - February 3rd, 2023 - two of them.

did i have 2022 on the last one? Its 2023. I we had 3 snow days this week. It was fun I didn’t do much though. I mostly just played minecraft. I didn’t even really draw. That’s okay. You’re not supposed to do things when it’s cold its like. against human biology or whatever. Cold days are for sleeping in and playing minecraft. We have school today though (hence… me writing something today LMAO) which is annoying. We have after school rehearsal too for the musical which I would usually be okay with but I’m going to my moms and she just… takes a while to get to her house. And i dont want to leave at 5. Oh well.

Tuesday - February 7th, 2023

I usually delete the ones I dont finish that day but. Ugh. thats so annoying. This one will go up as today but include that too. Anyway. my abdomen hurts I did a bunch of sit ups. on sunday. Its been 2 days. I did like 11. thats not very many really it hurts so bad. We have an assembly today and blue isnt even here so im leaving. In about 5 minutes. I got a gatorade today!! ive been trying so so hard to use the vending machine but it wouldnt take my money. I had a 10 i dont think it takes 10. and then it wouldnt take my 5, i think bc it was too ratty. UGH. but i have it now :). I downloaded view-monster but i fucked up some of the intermission songs so i have to fix them.

[lol] but. um thats not a real reason I just wish i had a boyfriend. I got really attached to this furry i drew. this dog. I need a dog boyfriend. what if my boyfriend was a dog. I think Patricia Taxxon said something about animals having much easier to read emotional traits than humans do. with ears and tails. It definitely made me a furry so im not shocked… that i would agree with it. lol. dog bf is super cute btw. hes actually supposed to be a wolf but dog bf sounds cuter. i wish i had a boyfriend SO BAD i literally. UGH. ugh. how am i supposed to deal with this. I’m trying to deal its so hard. its worse when you have a crush on someone. and its even worse when youre too afraid to ask. he has such a cute voice he read this thing in class and me, I, myself, I was anxious about it. he still wears a mask which is both awesome. king. but also super annoying bc i want to see his face. ugh. im willing to date anyone at this point. id accept a you know him really well ass conversation. I would date you. reading this. right now.

thats all. whining. gn yall