Wednesday - February 8rd, 2023 - aaa

I’m gonna try to do these more often… they fell nice. lol. lets see what happened today. It wasnt that great I was just having an off day. Biotech assignment is complicated, Government assignment was stupid, Graphic Design is stupid, Library class was fine but English assignment was stupid. Precalc is fine. lol. Orchestra was weird today, today we had three classes bc of all the things i do. before school class was stupid, we did. circle seating. and it was just annoying. class time class was fine but we talked about the stories we think of during music but I don’t really…. do that.It's just music to me.idk. so that was annoying. and then after school this guy [redacted :p] this is a nothing story he just made a stupid face at me and i got sooo flustered. thats all.

blue wasnt here today. hes pretty often not… here i do wonder what thats about. like an abnormal amount. Not that its any of my business!!!!! but yknow i am curious.[redacted...]

Im taking away the little new sticker… its cute but i cant keep up with it. ill just put it in the updates box. maybe ill find a new use for it. I want to do more coding i have no idea what to do though. maybe a shrine or something…. first i gotta figure out what that is. Im gonna add some ugly blinkies. i want to make some to suit my tastes too. i dont know. okay thats all. gn