Tuesday - March 7th, 2023 - mwah mwah

i have. A boyfriend now :o isnt that incredible thats the one thing i wanted. Ive talked about him like 1 time which is odd bc i have had a crush on him for a while. But like we were friends so id always push back against that bc i didnt….. Want him to know. So its not like the same as having a crush on someone you never talk to. Anyway he gets a pseudonym too hes jade. Im not getting into what lead us here but in short we kissed as a joke and then. We were like what if we kissed for real. and then we went on a date sunday. it was great we were there for like 5 hours and spent a lot of it just sitting together it was nice. I like just being around him we also spent like 4 hours sitting together on saturday too. so thats some of why ive been busy. hes so awesome I love being around him. he… um. smells really nice. idk. i like the way he smells. LMAO i dont want to just say that to him. he may read this. hi. i like the way you smell.

anyway. the musical was last week thats the other thing ive been busy with. we did pretty good. i love the music now i miss hearing it. its different when you’re just playing it then playing it with all the stuff on the stage. it was fun. i think the casting was super good too LMAO im biased. because all these people go here but they all fit their roles so well. the only person i wouldve changed was cinderella becuase she was a little annoying to play with (she kept slowing down like there wasnt 30 people relying on her to be in time) and her understudy was a better actress. and also the prince was SO flat but he was fine otherwise LMAO. the stepsisters were the stars imo they were both perfect for their roles and apparently the cast was directed to do “more” every performance so they kept getting more and more insane it was great. and their song is so good. go listen to stepsisters lament. and lionel :) . the last show went kinda wrong the princes mic was out in the first part and i guess he cant project to save his life so during his part of the song we just had to . not play. like he was like “just piano” and. erm. the band kids would not pay attention and im sorry but “we cant see him” feels like a bad excuse because its not like we were sitting much differently than we do in class. “in real pits its set up like this” well. in performance we sit like this and its functionally the same is it not. idk. it’s hard for me to sympathize when you guys seem to only get half the cuts even though you had access to them. oh well. its over now. our pieces now SUCK one of them is this easy pretty peice that i cant play well to save my life for some reason (same finger string crossings my detested) , then this. weird ass. fast peice i cant play yet that he seems to expect us to bea able to play yet. but its either boring or obnoxious. and then this space one which i bet sounds cool but is really hard to count for. and then fucking. harry potter piece. and then um. bass solo. which we havent gotten yet im sure our parts fine. how hard could it be its not…… about us. jades the one doing the solo btw he plays the bass. hes so hot when hes playing. anyway

I guess thats all. bye