Friday - March 24th, 2023

sorry its been forever I think the reason breaks are so long is because I feel like I need to put every single thing? And it needs to be big and a whole.. thing. also I know someone reads these now and it's a little embarrassing. Anyway. I went on 2 more dates with jade and had him over and went over to his house and im going over to his house tommorrow. im absolutely obsessed with him which is sort of a bad thing. productivity is down like 500%. I havent posted in ages because i havent been drawing. I think also I need a new interest for a bit though because ive had no motivation to draw in a while anyway. we'll see.

I fucking love blinkies holy shit. Oh my god. I love finding them and picking out my favorites and posting them and moving them all around its awesome i love it so much. I love... bright colors. I love dark and edgy stuff of course but i changed my phone background to some pride flag things and like its so nice. its so fun. jade made his ME which makes me feel bad that i didnt make mine him. but i only have 2 photos of him that isnt with me and i'm not looking at MYSELF everytime i want to get into my phone. although it would be INCREDIBLY funny to make my phone background him playing vr. or a shitty picture of him his sister took. the point is bright colors make me happy who wouldve thought.

thats all for today