Sunday May 7th, 2023 - hii

sorrry for the lack of updates i just havent felt like it. um lets see. me and my boyfriend are doing really good :) prom was last weekend and it was fun to hang out with him. um i mean prom itself was okay but it was the before prom that i enjoyed the most. i actually finished preserving the flowers today. not the whole bouquet. where would i put that. also i didnt consider i could do that. but i hung up some of the flowers and im pressing some and i dried the petals of the rest of them. its fun. hes coming over tomorrow (today. im writing this the night before i plan to post it) and im excited to hang out.

its blisteringly hot :( i like the idea of summer and going outside but its just not possible to like it when its so hot you havw to sleep on the floor. and that barely helps. its supposed to rain i hope it helps. and its not just hot rain. we also dont have hot water. which like. at least its not winter but im gonna have to take a cold shower in the morning and that. sounds bad. summer is scary now too as like the school season. bc im graduating This Friday. and like. then what. ive been mulling over my future forever but i hate that its here now and i dont have anything yet. i dont have Anything. i mean. thats not true. im going to be an accountant. which sounds about as exciting to me as it does to you. and like even if i can have a job i can live comfortably im so not suited to public life. being alone in a social setting of any kind (like. the grocery store) makes me sick. i dont know what im gonna do.

ignoring… that. My boyfriend came over today (today, the day im posting this lol). We had fun we went to the park, we went to wendys, we went to this video game store….. We sat around… we. got really hot. Its so hot. I thought i had more stuff to say about what we did. I did his makeup. Poorly. It was very funny. idk.