Saturday June 10th, 2023

umm hi. i have my cat with me. schools out! graduated. no more school.... idk what to do now. im gonna try to see what kinda other hobbies i like that are monitizable. like photography. I got incredible money from my grandma for graduation so ive been spending that. i think i really like music... like physical music buying music has been really fun. I bought o my heart bc it was. on sale. so now i have all the mother mother music i want :)! and then view monster bc i.. wanted it. the between the frames one. bc it references my favorite song (bill waterson) and bc it looked cool i love the view master theming. but i think the animation thing doesnt work. i dont see it. even if i speed it up i cant see it. LMAO. but i like it anyway. i dont have room for it though! its so thick its too big. maybe i can buy. idk. storage for it? idk how do take care of vinyls i hope i dont ruin them. view monster came with the digital copy too which is good bc my pirated copy is Really Bad. oh i also bought a new mouse. my mouse is old and i think the left click is broken bc i cant get it to work. its had issues for a while. i want a new keyboard but i have a laptop. my keys are like. okay. theyre dirty and ive tried to fix them but youre not supposed to do that so they mostly broke. and i want big keys that feel nice when you press them. but a smaller keyboard for my tiny hands. idk if i can do that.

its hot still. its one of the pros of boyfriend house his house is freezing. mine is just hot. not unbearable though! its okay. i prefer cooler weather. but i dont wanna be cold. viscious cycle. this winter will probably be great with no job.

anyway. i am once again planning to work on the website more. novel i know ive never said that before. i want to do the gallery though! i wanted to do that for a bit. thats all though. bye!!