Saturday - July 2th, 2023 - i redesigned it all wooahh

Hii its been a while. ive been doing Nothing. my boyfriend came over yesterday but i was soooo eepy we didnt do much. we saw spiderverse. the first one. becuase he hadnt seen it. weve seen the second one in theaters (on barbenheimer day LOL) and then he was like "ive never seen the first one" and i was FLABBERGASTED. I love miles though hes like top 10 characters for me.

im desperately trying to fix my sleep schedual again. its very hard. I want to do it for like a week and see if me being so tired all the time is lack of sleep or like. somethign else. it didnt work perfectly today i layed down on my computer and slept this morning. but yknow. im getting the right amount, i think. if i go to sleep w no alarm i tend to wake up about 8 hours later. so im going to bed at 10, giving myself some. phone time until 1030 and then i wake up at 7 so i have about 30 minutes to get to sleep. i think its probably important to consider that time idk.

i dont have very much money rn very sad. i used it all. i need a job but thats scary so im signing up for an online transcription thingy. that may work idk how much it pays. i just want to stay home.... and not talk to people. yknow. they all say thats unhealthy but im fine without it rn!! but i do see my bf and once he goes to college i wont see him as much. maybe ill get depressed. probably not historically i dont do that. covid... the year i didnt go to school... summer every year... i am simply worse off when i have to go somewhere all day.

thats all i think. bye guys!