Tuesday - August 1st, 2023 - happy birthday thoroughbred horses in the southern hemisphere

stupid title. anyway short one for tonight i have to go to bed in about 20 minutes. which is good! ive been keeping up my sleep and i think its helped with my sleepiness but ! it so far has not helped with being TIRED. i still get tired wayyy too easily. hmmm. maybe i can start working out or something.

i went to my boyfriends today. yayy!! thats always the best i love him so much. i suprise suprise layed down a bunch and was kinda boring but hes okay with it. i assume. we played undertale together which is. um. fine. i mean its undertale with someone else exactly what it says on the tin. and we did legos :) i got him a lego set he used to have it was fun to build. but kinda annoying bc it wasnt very good structurally and we were doing it on. carpet. so we kept having to add extra peices to the bottom. so it wouldnt fall apart. but it was fun we had fun. he also got me stuff he got me chopsticks which we then ate sushi with. very fun and a bear with roses all over which im a little obsessed with its very cute. its beary cute.and also my own controller. so i dont have to use my brothers. epic!

ive been on my period for like 4 weeks...... which. sucks. i thought it was finally over yesterday but of course it wasnt. i messed up taking my birth control twice so im not shocked its been a while but my regular periods are like 4 days and my missed-bc-periods are usually a little over a week. so um. wtf. fucked up.

thats all i feel like writing today. bye!!