Wednesday - August 9th, 2023 -

haiii. :33 . or whtver. whatever. whats the short version of whatever. whtvr. idk. wwhatevver to make it longer. lol. im talking to my bf rn. :) hes the best he got me roses the other day. today i took some photos and hung them up to dry. theyre so pretty. i need to get him flowers i have a plan for that though.

i get to see my mommmm tmr!!! ive just missed her so im excited. shes picking up my brothers to help her with stuff so itll just be me n my dad which is nice :) he will probably get nice dinner for me yay.

my boyfriend is leaving for COLLEGE soon. annoying. its not far but its. he has to do college instead of hang out with me. sad. i feel like i miss him already x(.

thats allllll byeee!!!!!