Friday - August 18th, 2023 -

hiii. my boyfriend left for college today. hes not moving far hes actually moving super close to my mom but i wont see him nearly as much as i used to so its sad. i havent... been sad yet but its gonna come get me eventually. which is fine im glad im cool and calm rn when hes sad. as much as i would love to bawl my eyes out and have him comfort me this doesnt feel like.the time LOL. he visited me before he left he was so sweet and cute. i love him so much

wednesday i hung out with friend of mine that is going to college (theyre all going to college. all of my friends are going to college.) but hes going to california. i was really excited he wanted to hang out with Me bc he wants to hang out with. me! which makes me happy bc ive historically not been invited to things. we had a lot of fun together :)

im going to a concert soon. about 2 weeks. poppy!! i love poppy. poppy and pvris who i have yet to listen to. the little snippets ive heard are fine maybe ill fall in love at the concert. but im going for poppy. im scared im gonna be overstimulated or something but im gonna bring my headphones and my earbuds and sunglasses and hopefully that will be enough. ive never been to a concert before so im really excited though. i love poppy :)

im gonna put a little todo list here i just set one up but im leaving to my moms tommorow so i wont. have it. so here: -rewrite the music snippets -make the still website button -make some grubbles/xefros/dammek blinkies or stamps (hiveswap in general) -make a stamp. at all. thats all i remember. okay byeee