Saturday - August 19th, 2023 - alll day

today im gonna write throughout the day bc then i wont. fucking forget everything. my memory is so bad!!!! this morning i got up late. and i showered. i read some sollux fanfics but i ran out on ao3. youd think there be more than 10 character explorations. sorry im not in a shipping mood none of you guys have what i want. you just write 'ohh they hung out' man i dont even want them TOGETHER. erm.anyway

about noon now. i had some friiess. for lunch. ive been mostly drawing but i think im done. not finished i just dont think ill ever finsish. thats okay i had fun. now im gonna draw a couple reel drawings. for.. instagram. my instagram engagement has been HORRIBLE so i think its a good idea.

i am not a fast artist. god. i didnt even finish bc i got really worried that the audio would be weird to use. dont even ask. so thats a bust. ive gotta pack for my moms now... i was gonna clean my room but i never. did that. so. L i guess

im at my moms now. i almost forgot about this but i remembered just in time. i played an i spy game ive never played ! so cool. and thats it really. gooodnight.