Monday - Septemeber 4th, 2023 - POPPPPYYYY

hiiiiiiiii um omg hi i went to the poppy concert last night!!! poppy and pvris (pronounced PARIS i did not know that until i got there) and it was awesome. the opener was this group pom pom squad they were so cute im definately gonna check them out it was amazing. pvris was also really good and she seemed so sweet im also gonna probably start listening to her. eventually. but poppy was who i came for and i LOVED HERRRRR she was so good i had so much fun. she had like. an act that was prerecorded so she only said like. thank you a few times. and there was a "im so happy to be here in:" and then. she said the city out loud it was funny. and at the end she did an encore and she said some stuff. it was cool. its very cool being. um. in the same room as someone you admire. it was INCREDIBLY loud. i was so worried the whole time leading up to this that i wasnt gonna be able to handle it but i had noise cancelling headphones over noise cancelling earbuds so it was fine actually!! the only issue i had was that heavy bass would make my earbuds shake but that was mostly an issue with pvris and not poppy so it was okay. it was super fun. i had fun. i took a few videos of poppy but i got. bored. i get it i went to this. im not watching the videos bc you can hear everyone. including me. first concert was a success i want to go to more. unfortunately nobody comes to my state and if they do its a different city. sad. i cant imagine living in like the midwest or god forbid.... outside of the us omg crazy.

i went to my boyfriends house today! we worked on me getting a job and i freaked out and cried about it. sad! but we had a good time i love being around him. i tend to take a nap when im over there (comfy bed) and this time i slept. on top of him. sideways. shockingly comfy! but my arms fell asleep. sad! anyway thats all. bye bye.