Monday September 26th, 2022

I'm so ready for winter. I love winter. I always called it my favorite season but I don't know if that's true anymore. I like the 2 weeks in Spring and Fall where the weather is kind of warm but not extreme anymore/yet. But winter is better than summer in my opinion. It's not like I don't like being warm, that's exactly why I like winter. You can be warm. You can't be warm in the summer, you can only be hot, y'know? At least where I live, in the American south. I also really like snow, and the way the sun makes it impossible to look outside when it's snowed. But we don't get a lot of snow. Also I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday. I like presents.... and Christmas tree.... and stuff y'know. Christmas ~season~. I also love love love Christmas music, although I don't listen to a lot.

Halloween is closer though. I like Halloween! I don't trick-or-treat anymore, not because I'm too old (I am but who cares) but I just... don't like walking around in a costume for 2 hours. And there's always like 8 of us and it's crowded up at porches and stuff. Y'know. So I hand out candy. I still like dressing up though. This year I think I'm going to be a bedsheet ghost :). I've always wanted to but always had another, more fun idea. But I don't this year.