Tuesday September 26th, 2022

i kind of hate 3 of my classes right now. Biotechnology... is just super boring. I liked chemistry but I forgot I hated biology. But I think the labs are gonna be fun at least.I wish there was an upper level chemistry class but there wasn't. I don't think we even have an AP or honors chemistry. I don’t like Desktop Publishing. If I knew what it was I probably wouldn’t have taken it. And I never liked English. I hate English class. It’s so stupid “oh it teaches you reading comprehension” well is there a way to do it where I don’t want to die. English class makes me want to die. We’re doing an essay right now. 3 to 5 pages. Stupid stupid. The only fun part is reading and being in the library. What does writing essays help with? Because it seems like it just makes you better at writing essays. I’d actually prefer to be worse at writing essays. I hate essays. I love math. I’m in pre-calc but I’m in the regular class and I’m kinda regretting it. I’m bored here. Maybe it’ll look up when we finally get out of the algebra review. But he says that’s gonna be like… around Halloween. I’m not particularly good at math. I actually am writing this while I’m supposed to be doing it. But I like it, I like doing it usually. I think I’ll do it when I get home, or maybe tomorrow. My friends are always doing math… I’m never doing math. This guy I have a crush on is in my friend’s calculus class. That could’ve been me! Well maybe not. Probably not I think. But I can pretend.