Sunday October 9th, 2022-Mom's weekend

I was at my mom's... this weekend. Honestly not much happened. I showed her DHMIS, she said it was weird. I had a birthday party to go to Saturday, 1 of 3 down, which was fun! I enjoyed it like I said I would. It was a little awkward at first but I was SOO funny, and I got to see one of my friends for the first time in like... 3 years. I think it's really interesting seeing who people invite to their parties. Not that I have commentary on that. I was super anxious about it and I feel asleep almost immediately after I got home. My mom says I'm probably so tired all the time because of my anxiety, which makes sense. I don't often feel sleepy I feel worn out, y'know? I left pretty early I only stayed about 2 hours, leaving at 7:30, but I usually go to bed around 8 so that felt reasonable to me. I was worried about giving a reason but I just said "my mom's here :)" and left. Um today we didn't do much. My mom goes to church and I have to go with her. I mean, I don't, she doesn't make me or guilt me but I know she enjoys it and I don't really mind not going. Then I was tired all day. We played Scrabble (which I love because it's fun and my mom hates because.... she's dyslexic LMAO) and I won by like 8 points. She's always like "ohh good job on winning against me" but if it was really so unfair I'd win by WAY more. And wouldn't ever lose, which I do!!! She beat me in Pikmin bingo. I'm really bad at it and don't really enjoy it, but I also win sometimes. I think it's a fair trade off. I was so tired when I got home I had to take a nap. But I woke up and got some school work done which is good. My English essay which I've been putting off. Then the wifi went out and I got distracted and then failed to do any more. But I'm not dreading it anymore, so I think I can bring myself to work on it at school. I ironed a shirt. For Picture day. Whatever. That's all... It's bedtime for me. Goodnight.