Tuesday October 11th, 2022 - [rollercoaster emoji]

Okay well let's see... first of all I know I've been sucking at updating the little new thing sorry,...... If you follow me it'll show up in your feed :) or you could just check every day. I've been working on the music tab. The plan was to do it like... over time. But I guess I got it in my head that I could... finish it? Which I suppose I can. And it gave me an excuse to create not only a list, but an updatable list. So that's fun and half of what I do ever. I do a lot of neocities updating on my IPad, though, which makes it pretty inconvienent to resize and upload photos, because I can't save it as... a name I have to rename it. All because I like sitting in my room... and also like updating while I'm at school.

Speaking of school GOD it's been ass lately. For no reason!! I'm just not doing well. But like it's half and half. Bad news: I didn't do my biotech work this morning becuase I felt super overloaded so I have to do it over fall break. Or tommorow. Good news: Caught up on English, at least assignment-wise! Bad news: Forgot she's the one teacher to take off points for late work so I'm gonna have like a C in the class. Good news: I don't think we're doing anything tommorow. Bad news: I still have to go to school tommorow Just In Case. Anyways. Um... I guess I am talking about my ~crush~ on here so might as well... add that. He won't see it. So we had picture day today right? Senior picture day... special. And um... for like a little while we didn't really know what to do (nothing. Literally stand around). And he and I have the same hour for English so he was... also there. And he like stands up next to me?? Like really close. And I know I'm probably way overthinking this but he was standing as close to me as I was standing to the people that I... knew (not my friends but like... we have mutual friends. Type.) Anyway he eventually wandered off he... presumably noticed one of his friends. I was like super weird about it. Not like "this person is interested in you" weird just "this person... is really anxious" weird. Shakey and fidgety. But it was his fault. Oh I also sat across from him in 2nd hour (the class I actually have with him) because we're in a different room but that time it didn't really matter becuase I was terrified of looking in his direction. I've always wanted to know what he would do, in relation to me, if in a situation where it would happen, but it's only happened one time, going into the class we have this year, where he sits... behind me. Like one of the 2 closets spots. Which I cannot take anything from because on one hand he's... y'know behind me. But on the other hand he's also as close as he possibly could be to me. But he gets to class earlier than I do so he's already in whatever room before I get there. So. Um.... Sorry that got out of hand. I don't know how to like... talk to people. I've gotta express my feelings to somebody. Even if it's not him.

btw I'm... aware the tildes look stupid. They're easy flourish. Leave me alone!!