Sunday October 16, 2022 - I sure use a lot of ellipses

Um..... okay. let's see. First of all I think this is my first update on my... computer? as opposed to my school iPad. Cool, I guess. I'm not usually alone with my computer. It's in the same room as my brothers' computers. I'm caught up on school work. Technically. I have biotech to work on but that's not due until school starts back up. We're on fall break btw. Umm my credit recover teacher said I was missing a half credit and... she was right but I'm missing a whole class next semester? Like there's a hole in my schedule. Where I think I could put that half credit? Y'know? Um but sure I guess I could take... music appreciation... a class that I have to do 70% at home... thanks... for that. Um... I'm at my moms for fall break. Not much has happened. Another birthday party yesterday this one was AWFUL (sorry... if you read this. It wasn't your fault) it was loud and crowded and.... ugh. and I left early because I did not want to deal with having to also go somewhere else. I have another one today this one is at a house. So it should be better. I'm still going to freak out though. Like I always do... ugh!! I wish I could be like... normal about this stuff. Or anything. It feels like everyone around me gets to be normal and I'M just AWFUL about EVERYTHING. Everything makes me anxious. And people around me are like "yeah no I get it" and then when I start... like acting anxious being upset it's like.... I'm suddenly unreasonable and being weird and I need to relax. I'm so angry all the time... And like this is why! It's because people lie to me and then don't take me seriously and make fun of me for being weird. Or... maybe not. Maybe I'm just making all this up. I don't know.