Thursday October 27th, 2022 - Normal day. lol

Not much today. I had a whole thing about Wednesdays yesterday but that doesn’t make any sense anymore. I don’t plan on doing much for the rest of today though so I can finish this one today. I hope. We had a lab today. I hate labs. If I could work alone I would but it’s implied (not stated) that we have to have a partner. And I have a friend in there so I kinda have to. I can’t just leave them alone because I like working alone. Y’know. My 3rd hour teacher was gone on short enough notice that it was a cover instead of a sub and also she didn’t tell us. Which is always concerning that implies Something Happened. But I’m not going to like. Ask. So oh well. I’ve been putting off my credit recovery work. It’s very annoying to write essays on music because you have to like… spend time on it. Y’know?? Like art you can just Look At but music you have to hear… and deliberately focus on. But she’s been distracted so I’ve been getting away with avoiding it. Some girl gave me a rainbow dash sticker? I believe she’s complimented my shirt before or something. But yeah she tapped me on the shoulder and then pulled out a mlp sticker sheet??? And was like “do you want one :)” and I was like YES can I have RAINBOW DASH? And now its on my phone. One of her wings is backwards :) mlp merch is always fucked up I love it. I don’t know what made her… do that? I do have mlp stickers on my headphones. idk.

So that’s how school’s going. I also had something yesterday about how both of the guys I like were gone. Which they were. Um. One of them was also gone today, which is a little annoying because he’s the one I get to see. [redacted...] The other one… y’know like 70% of my friends have a class with him and they all have neutral-positive relationships with him. As opposed to me who is strictly neutral. Unless he doesn’t like me. Which I also feel like is the case. It’s hard to tell when you haven’t spoken to him since 7th grade y’know. LMAO. I’m considering giving them pseudonyms or something. One of them and the other one isn’t very catchy. But isn’t that like way too intimate??? To literally rename a person. Or whatever Idk I’d feel odd about it.