Monday October 31st, 2022 - Halloween!

Halloween!! We’re allowed to dress up as book characters today at school so I’m Rose Lalonde :) The dress is too small though, and I have. A larger chest. So it’s making it a bit hard to breathe LOL that’s okay. I can unzip it. I have a shirt on under it. It’s the velvet dress I bought it years ago. I’m even wearing mascara! I don’t really like it. I was gonna do more makeup but I never wear makeup so I’m not good at it. I had to decide between her and Dave but I’ve done like. Soft cosplays of Dave already. I’m blonde I can just put on a shirt jeans and shades. And then I’m Dave. The guy I like (the senior) was looking at me during both of the times I can… see him. Maybe he was looking at my outfit. I know one of his friends likes Homestuck I don’t know if he knows anything about it. We don’t have any labs this week, thank god. The last one on Friday I was really bad at, I think I’m just gonna make my friend do them all. That’s all for today. Bye.