Sunday November 6th, 2022 - NOT school!!!

Let’s see… I started this on Friday so let’s recap what I had said. It was snow cone day! They’re not actually snow cones, they’re just shaved ice. They’re not in cones. I like the (way too expensive) $4 ones. I’ve considered the $6 one with $4 refills but I don’t actually like that much? I’d honestly prefer less than I get. For less, of course. I’ve even seen smaller yellow cups but they’re not available!! My favorite flavor is pina colada, but I like putting red and blue on it too. For fun :). I spent all of lunch looking at one of the guys I like. He’s so cute I don’t really get to see the other one like… interacting with his friends much. But this one comes in and practices at lunch sometimes. With his friends. He’s doing a duet with one of his friends (at least I’m assuming they’re doing a duet. She barely plays. Idk.)

It’s Sunday now! I’m always talking about school so I’m going to not do that right now! Friday we ordered groceries and today they came! It was weird It took one million years to order and we’re missing butter and… I think something else. We also forgot to order a couple things but I’m okay with it! I was gonna get some sushi (with salmon!! I usually can only get imitation crab) but they didn’t send that either. We don’t really know how to order that. It says it’s only available between 11am and 7pm but we had it delivered within that time, implying you have to… order it then? Anyway.

I’ve been obsessed with Terraria recently!! New update means I have to play again and I can do so much since they added journey mode! I suck at games so I could never pass any of the mechanical bosses but I don’t have to worry about that in this version! I’ve done a few things since I started again, including: re-100% the achievements (they added a few), creating and building every furniture set, creating and researching every possible thing I could make with the materials I have, collecting every music box, sorting out my world so that all underground biomes are under their surface biomes, collecting every fishable item, and I’m currently making a teleporter system for every biome. I love Terraria so much I need to QUIT though because I’m playing it WAY too much. I’ve barely been drawing because of it!! And before I leave this paragraph, I hate the actual pronunciation of the game. That word says Ter-AR-ee-uh not Ter-AIR-ee-uh.

This is a silly thing for it’s own paragraph but I’ve been eating a lot of Takis recently. I actually am not a huuge fan of Takis, I prefer Hot Cheetos they’re softer on my teeth and milder. I can’t stand spicy food but I like it!! So I just eat them with ice LMAO. Slowly. It’s okay.

I made my Christmas list! It’s so hard to find where to link merch I want? I like linking sources so I don’t get redbubble garbage or whatever but if there’s no specific website that sells something then I don’t know where to go? I don’t want to link to amazon unless it’s a specific thing (Like. A stapler or something) not… merchandise. Homestuck was impossible did you know welovefine/forfansbyfans is like. gone? Bought? or something? The Homestuck merch was severely cut down and the Hiveswap merch is GONE which sucks! I wish I got the Grubbles hoodie when I could’ve :(. I found this other little website that seems to have started selling HS merch forever ago so it’s worked out I guess. My Little Pony merch is even harder to ask for because there’s 5 generations, 7 if you include 3.5 and 4.5. And I want 1 and 3. It’s just hard to get your hands on good links for that. It’s important for someone with a birthday 9 days after Christmas to have a good Christmas list because this is my one chance to get stuff. Anything I miss is just not available until next year because it’s just gonna be repurposed for my birthday!

Lastly, I put up a bulletin board :). It’s cleaner than just sticking stuff directly into the wall LMAO. I got it years and years ago, painted the border teal, attempted to paint the cork white, and then. Forgot. About it. And then I remembered it and ripped off the ribbons and. stapled some black fabric to it and boom! pretty bulletin board! Actually it’s not super pretty the fabric is cut horribly. But it’s okay :). That’s all!! Byee!!