Thursday November 17, 2022 - all done !

Back to talking about school. I stressed over this essay due last Wednesday I did it all day… and then she moved it to Monday. Oh well. At least it’s done now, so I don’t have to worry about it. I did a bunch of extra music appreciation so I’m good until next week. Next week is fall break but the program doesn’t know that so it’s a little annoying. I should probably do the work though bc I have until. December somethingth. I’m trying to get a “homework” schedule thing down. Like I don’t get homework but I prefer being done with work. I haven’t been drawing because of that though. Hm. That’s also related to the fact that I hate traditional art but I don’t ever want to go downstairs to draw on my computer. I don’t like my brother and he has to be next to me. I want to move my laptop but there’s no other place for it. I mean. there’s one slightly better spot but it’s literally just on the other side of my brother. I wish I was just allowed to take it in my room. I’m super antisocial and all but I still go downstairs to see my dad. So idk what his problem is. He used to have this thing about not wanting me to use it for porn which. Um fair. I’m a teenager with a phone though that’s literally never worked. So idk what the deal is anymore.

We had a stupid lab yesterday. It was supposed to be Tuesday but half of us were gone. Which he knew was gonna happen when he told us it was Tuesday. Whatever man. I was not in the mood for a lab and I did warm up to it but that’s only because my friend was there. And it was fuckin!! Stupid as hell! It was literally. 23 minutes of it was waiting. On the day where class is only 40 minutes long. AND we got out late because he kept telling us what to do while we had no time for that!! Because it had to sit in room temperature for 10 minutes!! and that’s all. Fine. Like I get it but did we REALLY need to be there for that? Like did we need to miss a day of presentation making for that? Just tell us what happens. And god he makes the labs so tedious. He’ll be like “okay start :) Oh and this. and this and this. and here's this.” And then we do the first thing that takes 20 seconds and then we’re like “hey what does this mean” and THEN he tells us this secret other thing!! put it in the damn instructions !!! Fucking god damn!!! I wish I didn’t take this class. I liked chemistry!! chemistry is just math I guess. I’m just cheating on it now because i never get the assignments in this class anyway.

One of the guys I like hasn’t been here… It’s been over a week. Not my business but I do like… hope he comes back. The horrible anxiety he gives me by being in the same room is kinda vital to my routine. Speaking of routine um this girl…. has decided she wants to sit with me at lunch which is really bothering me. I like to be alone during lunch I don’t want to hang out with people. If I did I’d sit. with my fucking friends. and not in the far corner of the damn room. but I dont know how to tell her to leave me alone. I like her just fine but I dread being around her bc shes interrupting my one break in the day. I was kinda rude to her today so I think she is mad at me. Or. otherwise doesn’t want to be around bc of that. that's fine tbh I hate when people think you're great friends after a week and then get mad at you for not being the person they saw 6 times for 20 minutes. I’d rather you not like me than like me.

Contest was Tuesday! We got straight 1s (which is good. That’s the best score.) It was fun but I was super tired going home and my dad’s friend had to pick me up which is always annoying. He’s kinda annoying! And he’s a really slow driver. And that means I don’t get my little drinky drink after school. It wasn’t his fault he had a meeting. But it made me upset. I got to talk to. [redaccctteddd]

Last thing. This fucking annoying loser in my orchestra class who is like. Mid at playing the cello. Good at playing tests shit at everything else. is trying to play the viola but like. at the level they play the cello? You are not good enough to play that quick. And like fucking. You suck at the cello you should probably work on that before you pick up another fucking instrument. I hate them so much.