Friday December 9th, 2022-Listography

I missed listography, the little website where you make lists. I like lists. So I started mine back up! I have it linked in my about but it’s also right here if you want it :). I don’t have a lot of lists yet (and I need to change my background) but it’s… there!

I have 1 (maybe two if she’s mean) more assignment before my test in music appreciation! yay. One of the maybe 2… I have to go to a concert? I don’t think she’s gonna make me do that. I hope not… I think I’m supposed to take my English final but y’know if she doesn’t say anything. I’m not going to. LOL if it turns out I had to then I can just take it when we get back. There’s probably a good reason I shouldn’t do that but I don’t really care. I don’t like finals days they’re block schedule and I hate that. I hate any days that aren’t a normal school day.

Fucking… second hour… was in a different room today and there are 2 papers on the door. and the bright orange one says 233 in big numbers and the white one says. Whatever room I’m in (spoilers LOL) so of course I try to find 233 and. that’s not it… and the fucking numbering system is impossible to work out because all the hallways are all T shaped so theres no way to make it actually work. You’d think going here for 2 and a half years I’d figure it out but I don’t know anything but the first numbers because everyone knows the first numbers.