Tuesday December 20th, 2022 - 5 days until Christmas :)

I'm on winter break. yay!!!! I brought my computer to my room and I'm very much enjoying it. I'm not really supposed to do that but my dad is (maybe was at this point) mad at me for a stupid not-even argument we had I'm not gonna get into it. But he's like avoiding talking to me. But that means he's not gonna get on my ass for holing up in my room all day. I'm very much enjoying it. My dad ordered food (I dont like tht on its own bc... I like seeing everything first but im not the one driving so i cant complain) but he didnt... consult me... so he didnt get the salad dressing i need. and i hate to be whiney but im not having a loser cringe dry salad. and he never eats the salad so all the ingredients are just gonna go bad. his fault i guess.

December 18th was two days ago. thts the day on chicken smoothie where they rerelease a bunch of pets. People are always like "its so bad i always get bad pets" and i get it I got crappy pets this year too (my friend got a good pet though. so i did. LOL dont tell!!!!) but I think thats a little whiney. i mean.... like they dont have to do rereleases. yth real problem with chicken smoothie is the horrible trading economy. Maybe its half my crappy pets but NOBODY and i mean nobody ever sends me trades!!! I have pets people want and they have pets i want!! i know because when i send them trade. its true!!! whatever. I used to give away all my pets but ive started collecting certain ones and that makes it my best interest... to not do that. oops.

i started using last.fm i got super excited but um... i dont really know if its for me??? I dont want to get an app