Tuesday - December 26, 2023 - there are 2 binding of isaac maps

i started keeping a physical journal. bc that felt fun. so i figured i trim them down (for. privacy LOL) and post them. its not the days but ill pretend they are. i dont write brackets so anything in them were added typing this up!

i played some isaac today!! i got 2 marks for him [cain i think] the poloroid ones. isaac and blue baby.today irmgaurd [my cat. have i named my cats on here?] sat under my table it was very cute BUT roy [my other cat] wanted to bein my room and he was confused and sad :(. oh well. i went to [the gas station] today! i got a cherry vanilla coke :) very fun. i got some apps for my new apple watch too i have my own apple ID now os i can get any apps i want. which is coool. i think i want to draw tomorrow. tonight we got taco bell i hate taco bell [they too often include something that i bite down on and feels horrible in my mouth] it made me upset. [we were going to go to arbys which i can. eat.so it was really annoying]. i had a hot pocket rhough it was yummy. thats all! good night.