Friday - December 29, 2023 - i died in the round so theres only like half of one

im watching the commentry on dinosaurchestra [im writing this rn to the commentary of spirit phone!] its so cool you put the CD and press start and it.. plays it its awesome. i did NOT draw but i drew a bit today thought! it was. the "were gonnna have to kill this guy steven" with klak and sollux. its fun. its on lawnmower, i love lawnmower its really fun to sing. he spent it lying about lawnmowers. vow of silence ends in silence. and it said "theres the silence! do you hear it?" but my cd player is so loud it kinda took away from it. i really like eyewishes, if i ever get around to putting them on that one page keep that in mind. in case i forget. the commentary for the too much song had a bit about it NOT having a song about turkeys at the end. and i believed that it didnt because. well its a good ending. but in the back of the lyrics theres a song called turkeys thats upside down. so i waited.and there was!