O My Heart

-o my heart. god. its so good. top teir song imo. well no its kinda lyrically boring but i think it makes up for it for the way it sounds.
-burning pile is a good song, but i dont think i can appreciate it very well. theres just some combination of speed an length and interest you have to be at for me to not get bored listening to the song. but its a good song i catch myself mumbling the chorus a lot.
-body of years. i love how it kinda,,, teases the chorus thats a really good choice i think. i like the song.
-try to change i like bc it. i relate to it. although it does feel particularly long
-wisdom is also like that wisdom is relatable.
-body is a classic i love body. its very angry. but i dont have much to say on it
-ghosting. is fine. im not a big fan of it i think its incredibly boring and it sounds like scooby doo music. but i think the bridge is really really pretty. but i dont like it enough to listen to the whole thing for the bridge so i usually skip it.
-hayloft! hayloft :) i enjoy hayloft but i dont like it like its been recently protrayed to me. the 2009 music video is exactly what hayloft is and will always be to me. it exists because it fucks not because it means anything. to me.
-wrecking ball is a good song to me. i love how its not like. super angry until the end.
-arms tonite is one of my favorites :) i think its really cute, i love how ryan wrote it for jasmin and i think its incredibly weird that it ended up on the album. im not them. but. yknow. what happened there.
-miles. i love miles :) its like polynesia but on this album. and not at all. oh well. i think its pretty. and i think its cool and fun that there isnt a break between it and sleep awake. i love when songs do that but also i love when seemingly unrelated songs do that
-sleep awake, yayy molly song :) she has such a pretty voice. and it starts so pretty. and its so pretty. i dont know how this song doesnt bore me to high hell but it doesn’t so i can enjoy it -heart heavy is fine. idk. LOL

Favorite song: Arms Tonite