Mystic Island

-I think my favorite thing about this album is the transitions. the end of vortex to the beginning of star falls in paradise seems like itll be smooth, and then it isnt but it isnt. like. jarring
-I love the repitition in the songs, it makes them very relaxing to listen to. some of them are like... entirely repetion of a phrase plus some extra bits added in each time, and those ones are my favorite
-poolside star is kind of a break to the really relaxed softer songs it makes it more interesting
-i always like the use of voice as another instrument. there are.. words in the samples they use but thats not really important
-thigh tattoo is another good example of transitions, the beginning piano to the rest of the song
-stone god is my favorite, because of the use of animal sounds and voices and the bass, its very pretty
-waikiki moon bed is very pretty, and the repetition makes it kinda eerie. very nice
-a tua vida e um segredo is the best example of the repetition. 3 second audio clip in different volumes with different reverbs makes it very interesting
-ive always been a fan of its over. it sure is!

Favorite song: Thigh Tattoo