I can write as much as I want forever >:) - September 19, 2022.

Ceekay Arline is a mutant blood, in the same way as Karkat is. They're.... like siblings... it's not important but they're physically very similar. They were given the same sign (and last name but Ceekay uses a different one) as grubs, but Ceekay got the short end of the stick. They didn't get to build a proper hive, to have a lusus, and then they don't have access to soper slime either. So, they live in this in this huge building, it's an abandoned teal office building, which they made a house out of. A hive out of. They sleep on the floor and they Do get day terrors but they're like. Not that bad anymore. They don't get the allowance that most trolls get so they have to make their own money. Their main "profession" is helping gold bloods regulate their psionics to avoid issues with the empire. Through like... surgeries. It's a whole thing. While they never had a lusus, they were raised by this jade blood for a couple of years until they could fend for themself.

As a way to keep themself safe, they play different characters. The two notible (named) ones are Sonair Maykno and Finayr Boleyn. Sonair is a gold, who is social and fun to be around, and had a lot of friends, so if Ceekay wanted to go somewhere, they would usually turn to Sonair. Finayr is a Violet, who is rude and condescending. She’s cute though, and can seem to charm her way into certain things. Along with... getting stuff... they're disposable, so if someone finds out Finayr is a mutant or something, they can just stop being her. This happened to Sonair, Ceekay was attacked as them and lost their horn, so they can't be it safely anymore.

Ceekay is like. Super paranoid. With good reason, if they weren't they'd probably die. But it hinders them and their friendships a lot. They use various names in public, especially in places they frequent, and their friends have to use these names too and memorize them so they don't look suspicious. They have a very specialized knocking system to get in their hive, and if someone messes it up Ceekay will refuse entry. Nobody is allowed to touch Ceekay out of their own hive, and they're picky about it even then (although this doesn't stop Ceekay from touching people themself at any point). Nobody is allowed to bring up the blood without permission, in case someone is listening. They will not eat food they didn't make themself. They refuse to appear on camera and will not speak if somebody is recording. If any of their rules are broken by someone they don't know they will likely leave the area immediately and attack if any attempts are made to keep them there. If they're broken by a friend, they will threaten them and refuse to speak to them for at least a day, sometimes longer. Not out of anger, but by their logic a friend wouldn't do that, therefore this has to be someone else, or being influenced by someone else. Ceekay will go quiet on their friends and being... prone to death... their friends will want to check on them, which causes this circle of Ceekay feeling less safe as contact increases, causing the period to go on longer, causing their friends to be more worried... They try to prevent this by updating something online, to prove they're. Alive.

Ceekay and Eslove met when they were really young. They met online and both felt super trapped and alone and bonded over that. They met in person when Ceekay left their first hive and they lived together for a while, and found somewhere pretty close to live so they could be closer. They were Moirails for a while, and then Matesprits, and then... just friends. Ceekay still has red feelings for him and Eslove still has (much more minor) pale feelings for them. But they both ignore it. For convenience :). They still do weird red/pale stuff though, both in cute fun friend ways (like kissing each other on the cheek), and maybe a little much with their feelings in mind (like Eslove asking if Ceekay will play moirail for him because he Feel Bad)

Ceekay met Teriea when Eslove introduced her to them as his matesprit. Ceekay was immediately upset by the idea of Eslove moving on so quickly, and their relationship started out strained. Teriea was told to be really nice to Ceekay to calm their feelings, which was not natural to her, but for the sake of her new matespritship she obliged, which ended up making it a lot easier for the both of them to get along (big shock). Ceekay and Teriea are close friends now. Ceekay fills the gap of emotional vulnerability that Eslove won’t provide for Teriea, and Teriea brings a much needed outside perspective on a lot of things that Ceekay wouldn’t have had.

Ceekay met Loweya while they were working at a train station. Loweya, who is very asocial and avoids talking to people, couldn’t shut up to them. Ceekay thought that was cute and asked hir out. It wasn't supposed to really be anything but they ended up really liking each other. They're both super chatty about their respective interests, and are the only ones who will listen to each other. They're also both sex repulsed which is um... terrifying on Alternia. So it's gonna to have. a friend. Their quadrant situation is a little strained. Ceekay has decided that quadrants are stupid and relationships rarely fit one quadrant, while Loweya... Kinda thinks that idea is stupid. So Ceekay thinks of them as partners, Loweya thinks of them as matesprits, and neither of them like the way the other thinks about it. Eslove doesn't like that Ceekay is dating a weenie highblood and Teriea just thinks ze's annoying. Loweya has no other friends so nobody is worried about it.