Eslove :D - October 26th, 2022

Eslove Railmo :) Is a gold blood. He’s introverted and is really uncomfortable to be around unless you’re already friends. He's very pessimistic but he pretends not to be because maybe he can toxic positivity his way into believing that things will get better.

They have voidrot, and deals with it through their lusus, who has psionics. For most of their life, they just stayed home 90% of the time, and only left their hive for short periods. His lusus refuses to leave the hive, which causes a lot of frustration, because if it would then he could leave for a lot longer. Eventually Ceekay found someone who sold energy transferring bugs and worked them into a system that would provide energy to Eslove. They have to be bred every month because they only live for about 3 and are expensive to buy, and he has to keep them healthy because he could get sick or they won’t work right, which could be dangerous. It’s a lot of work. The headset they use to hide them is also heavy and clunky and doesn’t actually fit great in the back around their horns. It has a screen because they thought it would be fun but they don’t even use it anymore. It’s such a hassle the only upside is that it has earbuds he can connect to his palmhusk but like. He can also just have wireless earbuds. They don’t like the entire process but they do like the independence they get to have because of it so they put up with it. Sometimes they consider not dealing with it anymore, they got by okay before they got it.

He and Ceekay have been friends since they were little. He’s always felt like he relied on them in a way they don’t rely on him. Ceekay likes to separate from him in a way he wouldn’t for them. Ceekay has always helped him out, but Ceekay is much better than Eslove at telling when something’s up with the other one. Ceekay likes to cook for their friends. Ceekay likes to organize things. Ceekay has literal calming powers. Eslove… Likes to stay inside…and play with toy ponies… and pretend things are already okay.

He and Teriea met a lot more recently than he and Ceekay. They met online, through a dating app. Teriea was looking for someone to hang out with on the surface, and Eslove was just looking for friends, but they ended up really hitting it off. Teriea is mean but she’s not… cynical, she's very positive, which is nice for someone who has to force it. And she knows how to stand up for herself, which Eslove is really bad at. They try to hang out at least once a week but that isn’t always possible with Teriea’s work. All three of them feel isolated and dependent on each other.