HOMESTUCK - Troll gender and sex - Tuesday January 24th, 2023

I decided on a whim that trolls have 1 sex. yknow the one headcanon thats what i have in mind. lol. (and even if theres very human genitals they still dont reproduce hetrosexually implying theres only one... idk. fluid? material? so who cares) and their secondary sex characteristics are pretty much random? see okay see the trolls are assigned a gender based on their lusus (which do have 2 sexes even if theyre like. bugs. youve gotta figure out how trolls got gender in the first place okay???) and... generally, based on hormones, the sex of the lusus aligns with the seconary sex characteristics. whatever those are LMAO like troll girls have boobs and thats like... it. whatever. and then as i said before if the trolls gender changes the way they refer to the lusus changes and the... lusus doesnt care its a dog.

im still workshopping this. itd be a good explaination to a female only caste, like they just dont let male jade lusii be lusii and everyones a girl no matter their everything else. and i think it would sort of work with kanaya being trans because shes a surface jade so things were different for her. like pretty much the same reasons i read her as trans to begin with lol. thats all i think i have in mind. i think its a pretty easy idea to grasp.