ADVENTURE TIME - Fionna and cake!!! - Monday September 4th, 2023

im watching fionna and a big simon fan (go figure!) so im excited. im just gonna. idk. type as i go. i dont think it counts as live bc its not live when i post it.

cake looks kinda weird its like they didnt know how to draw a regular cat LMAO. idk if there were regular cats in adventure time

i like seeing the little background designs. most of them look kinda boring tbh. idk if all of them are analougous to the AT characters. being genderswapped AND human makes it kinda hard to tell. whos that green haired girl with the flowers?

fionna has main character syndrome. which um. i mean the show is named after her. slay

oh banana gaurds. man gumball is literally pink. i love butterscotch's giant heels theyre so unnecissary

do they have human names. this is supposed to be huntress wizard right. bb and gary check out if they dont, but i dont remember what marshall called this guy

oh alice. this is the wrong person. when she said alice i thought i had the wrong person and my initial thought of butch lesbian was correct but no

oh haha alice p. im thinking i have the wrong name again. we dont have captions its pirated. sorry! we dont pay for streaming. oh yes we do!

ellis. yes. so is he like normal homeless?? i know lsp is homeless but its. like. different when its humans

"downtown?""im not familiar" i laughed

KLGLJGF THE LEMONGRABS. and ice queen i love her huge ice queen she like. normal. ythink. i went to the next episode before i could look

okay next episode. simon.

WHAHFJFHS PEEING sorry that caught me off guard

hes so slay. i cant say im not confused

okay im less confused

finn is HUGE and manhandling this old man. idk how old. he has wrinkles so thats like a hundred in cartoon age. hes like 50 probably

aww they put blood in it!!! crazy. i think cake said fuck earlier in the fionna dream lemme check. no she says puck. wishful thinking.

i like his hair his little white hair is cute

theyre kinda doing finn a diservace here. he seemed more mature as. a kid. i mean he couldve picked up some of this as he got older i guess

hes just like me fr . i guess

i forgot this was fionna and cake. i was thinking "ohh whats simon gonna do" well

okay thats the end. bye