ADVENTURE TIME - Fionna and cake 2 - Sunday September 10th, 2023

i absolutely love the intro to this show
simon staring at cake is so funny
simon treating cake like. a person. is interesting like he thinks he hasnt adapted at all but he expects the cat to talk
okay thank god she has her normal voice i thought shed be stuck with the other one
"why are you like that" shes so funny
i really like how the squirell talks
cake is sooo cute
i like gumballs voice hes very sweet
hes crazy. hes insane (simon)
oh my god they died

PRISMOOO this series is about all my favorite characters
his little icon on the screen thingy is really cute
i thought he was gonna take her ability to speak LMAOOO
aw i prefered cat shape cake i got used to her. she does seem more like the character i would call cake though
WHASHFJ HES IN THE SHOWER puhLEASE leave this man alone. can he have some PRIVACY we ALREADY SAW HIM PEE. what is he doing with his arms
WHJKHLGSKJFHDLKJDFH PRISMO. HES NAKED he doesnt even careeeee omg. prismo put some clothes on him
okay he did in the meanest way possible
fionna trying to beat up prismo is so funny. hes a wall
cake is so funny i love her
i dont actually know what happened to simon OR betty bc i never watched the last episode of regular adventure time (and i feel like i missed some other episodes) and i didnt watch any other spinoffs if they explained any of it either. so thanks prismo for the update!
okay this is silly im so glad fionna is getting new clothes her tiny miniskirt is cute and all but i thought about how terrible funcionally it was every f+c episode there was
simon is so me
prismos place is so weird i love him so much
i was gonna say fionna seems to friendly with simon considering she doesnt know him but it fits with her main character syndrome. critique revoked
cake is so funny shes acting just like someone with newfound stretchy powers would
they cant just go back to normal. you all saw what cake did to that hotdog