ADVENTURE TIME - F+C 3 - Sunday September 15th, 2023

destiny. not a name. or is it! i dont think you can sustain that kinda scheme
ah this is the universe where they all have noses. ive always kinda liked fucked up normal world finns design
i havent questioned it but is simon still tom kenny? i was watching some clips from. the. regular adventure time and he sounds different but idk how old tom kenny is or if. yknow it could be another reason. i cant find casts
"you love it you love this" cake is so funny bc shes. a cat. she may be my favorite LOL
the finncrow. in the back. is so funny to me
im glad fionna keeps changing up her look. the girl finn outfit is cute as ive said but i think she just works better in normal clothes. especially bc shes like. an adult woman with an apartment and stuff
prismo regulated to block form
FJKF sorry. cake is so funny. cat cake out of cat form is so good
i think simon is autistic and im not elaberating
see it was a name
oh i fucking hate human choose goose. choose bruce i think.
get his ass!!
okay i thought this kid looked like finn but i thought that was dumb. i get it now
i wonder. who their mother is. i hope its explained.
shes Dead. not an answer. thinking about it i feel like it may have come up main series but idk
i love silly adventure time words. mathmatical
okay that sounds like tom kenny
i love simon digging through the backpack with his MOUTH

the WINTER KING thats! an interesting title!!!
hfjksahfkjasf what is marshall doing here!!! funny as hell
its slay ice king
why IS this one slay and not. ice king. finn was ice king. for a while. whats his deal
does fionna get another outfit change. shes wearing a bra and shorts. please cute winter outfit?
omg. its so cute
so hes just saying skill issue. thats mean!
why does cake keep wanting people to kiss thier alt selves LMAO
JFHK LSP???????
tiny marceline :o. weird. concerning
love the little marshall/gumball date its cute. we need a not genderswapped human version so people can post about bubbline without some "well actually bubblegum is the worst person in the world" assholes
oh its. whats his face. monochromicorn.
"HAHA the dead one!" fucked up and evil simon
fucked up and evil bubblegum
i love gay people
the lemongrabs are so cute sorry. also im never using the human names
if human bubblegum did this it would be. like. proof her also being evil as a human.
ugh. weird stop kissing
omg he did make ice marciline. weird as hell
kiss. kiss kiss kiss kiss. ive always been a marshall/gumball fan. bc im gay
LMAO. i wanna live in baby land
wait why did winter king simon not remember betty fondly. is that gonna be a thing that our simon is just like infatuated with her but the other ones dont care