ADVENTURE TIME - WHAT - Sunday September 22nd, 2023

the STAR thats crazy. thats a crazy title
i had to rewatch that bc wtf. hey. huh???
LMAO human shaped cake. with pecs they may supposed to be boobs but they were not
marciline fucking died in every universe
what. how does he know that. simon made that up holy water does not have a taste
pink camo will never be cute bonnie!! pick a different color
darkness ect
oh i guess it makes sense huntress wizard is a human
sorry her silly words and hard voices. she calls them garbos
the star is probbly marcaline
BJHFKJDS BABY FINNNNN KFLSJFSD. i guess thats probably the writing reason martin is here
profiteering LOL
marshalls mom is so weird i know she parallel of marcies dad but shes just a guy. a landlord why does she move like that
called it. and simon has a complex about it ofc.
i feel like people should be wearing the animal hats. idk.
is peppermint buttank (?????). alive. do you think i mean i figure bubblegum can still do that. bonnie youre not beating the bad person alligations
oh simon doesnt really have the complex about it BONNIE DOES. KJLFJSKDF.
cake is so funny. she was always meant for this. i mean literally but theyre doing a good job.
did marshall have a pink suit also. i mean he had to.
this is painful. i know they kiss. do it.
i cant tell if these are all. adventure time people or just designed to fit in. i dont have them memorized.
marciline is so slay
omg just lke what he said in the beginning about being better without him. hes wrong! crazy
he should kill her. i think. he should do it.
get his ass!!! get her ass!!!
i think they should kiss.. i think they should all kiss.
yayy marshall and gumball!! bonnie and marcie did in my heart. you think AT bubbline is toxic? haha well

BETTYYY BETTTYYY BETTYY betty is my favorite.
and there she goes. im just like simon
ooh the title card made it much more interesting
where are his wrinkles. wheres my middle aged man!!!
oh finn house
im also a sucker. lets get some animation to this story.
damn. haters. haters haters.
they should like kiss or something haha
they really made 2 incredible characters i love dearly and they said they should kiss and then they said what if they were never happy again
simons saying bmo is the way i said bmo
i like that cake likes jake now.
PONYTAIL sorry guys i love them. both. betty is so silly. simon is so babygirl
i do love ice kings marciline song parodies. theyre funny.
did they not see that. i saw it every time i tried to pause on it. ice kind creepypasta time.
where is jerry. bmo what is going on. why did they leave the crown in the drum set in the video and then. UGAFH. this episode is getting me i better not have to wait a week for answers
omg betty again. kiss.kiss. . kiss
oh okay bmo is lying. about there being people. or whatevers going on in his head idk if id call it lying. why did football disappear... unless im reading into it and its more about lack of mirrors
EVERYONE WS A SKELETON. DID HE CATCH THAT ON CAMERA????? ICE KING????? am i overthinking this. it sounds like a silly way to phrase it like it means they died but when you see someone turn into a skeleton. it makes you kinda..
oh my god baby finn was left in the other world holy shit
THE NTOE THE NOTE THE NOTE fromt he episode!!
i love them. i love them. i love them. guys.
did he just call her finn. bmo. bmo.
is that it.everyones dead now. except jerry?????????
"the closing theme!" made me laugh
simon said "no i didnt why would i-" when asked if he went on the bus. i dont have anything to say to that but i want to note that.
i dont have any commentary on the cute scene theres only so much you can say. its cute!! i love it
okay i did not expect the lich. that was a good one. especially bc of what happened to jerry you really dont know until you see it. everyone probably turned into skeletons at once i think.
oh my god oh my god. okay thank god that went somewhere the crown thing. i was so annoyed. thank you fionna. for grabbing it i KNEW IT
what happened to the lich did he die. simon said he was depressed bc he won and then. thats it?
this cant be it. simon you cant put the crown on.
WHFFKJLSDF. i paused and theres no time for that to go anywhere. KJLFDS. AHGHDJ.
AUGHHDF i should have waited to watch it. i cant live like this. ohh my god. oh my god!!!!
that was not it for the lich i should really have more patience. this is not the wait and see document its a liveblog!!