DHMIS - Solving problems - September 26th, 2022

Spoilers!!! For Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

None of the issues were ever solved. I think. I'm thinking most about episodes 2, 4, and 5. This probably applies to the other 3 but theses are the ones I have thoughts on. In episode 2, duck dies. And half the episode is about yellow guy (and to a lesser extent red guy) grieving about it, but it ends with yellow guy digging up duck. It's over. They're fine. In episode 4 yellow guy goes all... droopy... because he felt like red guy and duck were being mean (um. because he didn't get an email.) But the episode is ended with duck... kills Warren. Who made it worse but wasn't the issue in the first place. And episode 5 doesn't even end with them. It ends with Lesley fixing it. Not even pretending that anything was solved. And I think it's interesting how it get's... Less and less.... solved? In episode 2 it's reasonable that that's the solution. It is A solution and logically follows here. In episode 4 it's not the solution in the first place, what would they have done if Warren refused or whatever, but it does make some sense, I guess. In episode 5 not even close. Not even at all. That's all I don't have like... a take here. But I just thought that was interesting.