HOMESTUCK - something something Beforan culture - September 30th, 2022

I saw some tumblr posts that said something about how on beforus it would be considered like. Attractive (like in a fetishy way)? To be cullable (if I find it again I’ll link it here) and I just think the implications of that are SO interesting. The op used the examples of Rufioh Damara and Horuss, something something Rufioh dating Damara because she’s desirable but cheating on her with the highblood he really wants, and then Cronus and Kankri. Cronus is a highblood who wants the attention lowbloods would get and Kankri is a lowblood (and even more cullable, a mutant) who wants the respect of a highblood. Y’know. And so their relationship is based around that, Kankri gives Cronus attention and Cronus gives Kankri respect. And I was thinking of that in relation to Mituna, a disabled mutant lowblood. Mituna is also the one with the most romantic prospects, between his two quadrants (both highbloods) and I would say Cronusis trying for his pitch quadrant in some regard. And also Kankri is there I’ll get into that. Which would make sense!!! It’s hard to tell how his quadrentmates feel about him because they… never interact on screen but Latula says that it feels like he “needs” her which. Doesn’t feel great imo. Cronus doesn’t like that people give Mituna the attention he thinks he deserves (he obviously has more Alternian views) and so he degrades him to try and offset that. and Kankri I wouldn’t say has any real feelings but he does play up the idea that he needs to help Mituna like a highblood would. Another attempt to gain that sort of respect. idk this is all kinda ramble-y but that is… what the section is called isn’t it!!! That’s all I may add on to this if I think of more.