>ADVENTURE TIME - AUGH. - Wednesday October 4th, 2023/h1>

okay. were in the homestretch. omg
casper and nova are such cute names. i figure theyre names. duh
fionna world with magic. but its like dream world. i dont think this is real.
yeah okay. fucked up
wooo called it. im so smart.
why is cake happy about simon in the freezer
cake suit
newspaper has betty
simon fucking died
simon. simon put it down. i swear to god
the lich has no depression
omg hiiiii betty. kinda
the lich is naked
okay she didnt. eat him. but like she ate him right. that was eating.
she ATE HIM.
lotta jake lookin guys. id say dog but i dont think people other than jake and cake have those eyes
um. this is weird
i like how the ears of this guy. flopped to look like simons hair.
aww so she protected him. cute
"gary was a candy prince" is not. exactly. what happened
simon DOES know marshall and him are supposed to be together. so.
whats hunters deal. did they just want him around
i like how fionna is still wearing the hat.
do they shoot. the book open....
simon wrote this? im so confused whats up with this world. did he just want to share his book in game form. are casper and nova simon and betty. did simon NOT actually write this.
does hunter know anything about this or is he just acting like it. he WOULD be a wizard so i understand. but.
what the fuck he killed him

okay. cheers . last episode of the season. please god give me closure. please
i guess cheers is a name. of a show. i guess it works
choose goose. i hate him
i love. um. golbetty watching him
za baby
oh my god he killed them. i have got to stop being shocked about murder
oh hes got a dumb face just like the bugs
betty statue became golb
thats what the title looked like
i love when cake or jake stretches into something but theyre like. seperate. theyre on top
oh my god this IS simon and betty. its about simon accidentally restricting betty
im so confused. about this world. thats proably the end of it. not for me to know i guess
gay people solve problems with the power of music and baked goods
gay people do NOT solve problems with the power of music and baked goods
it did come back btw i called it. i knew i was right to write it down. the bus thing
omg betty is so happy. i do love them as they are but she deserves to be so happy
FSKDJF sorry golbetty sitting on the train is so funny
reaching into the back of your own head seems about as hard as he made is sound
"do we eat it?" no?
wait yes.
okay no she didnt eat him. disappointing
simon died
so is. um. simonless fionna and cake world gonna lose the simon elements. like the gunthers and bettys. or
okay this is the kinda thing gets boring
fionna has a. i shouldnt make that joke its too easy
yayy win. they win.
monicromicorn was talking. i guess it doesnt mean he cant but thts unexpected
i dont think i get why this episode is called cheers.
i am happy for them. i think its really cute simon and fionna are friends
what. was that. what happened to prismos face. why did he glitch.
why is he having therapy in his publically available. house LOL. i guess for the bit
more fintress hints. but its not finn or huntress.
and thats it. okay. im satisfied.