HOMESTUCK - Troll kids - Friday December 9th, 2022

If the kids were trolls these are what I think their colors would be.

June is cerulean. This is obvious. She's blue, first of all, so like. Duh. But her blue is more indigo than cerulean so why cerulean? Um. Vriska. Because of Vriska. I also think that cerulean/cyan also fits for her because her godteir is also blue but it's a sky blue? I think. imo.

Rose is also pretty obvious she's violet. She's rich she's purple themed Eridan thinks she's a royal. She's unambiguously violet.

Jade seems obvious. You'd think she's jade with her... name. And her house! Matching Kanaya's but I think it's less being a jade blood and more being related to Kanaya? Because she has way more in common with Kanaya than jade bloods in general. I personally think she's a golds. Who seem to be bugs which wouldn't make sense for Jade! But I think they're like. Also dogs. Look at Kuprum. Look at Cirava. These are dogs. And I think she works with the whole techbro deal.

Dave is either mutant red or burgundy I can't decide. I lean towards mutant with his terrible childhood and his... whole eye deal and his relationship to Karkat. There's no time players without red blood anyway, no way does he not. I do generally like other blood colors Daves but I just don't feel like it tends to work. Maybe teal. I don't know.

And Alpha kids! jk I don't know enough about them. Jake is olive? Idk.