Hailey's Environmental Science Notes, April, 19th - Sep 18, 2022

I found this on the ground last school year. I hope you did well in the class, Hailey!

• if we cut waste and rely on new and reneable energy resources, we can:

-reduce green house gas emmisions

-save money

-improve human health

-Reduce the threat of climate change

• mitigation: attempt to reduce severity of problem and avoid harmful changes

• we can reduce green house gas emissons:

-cut fossil fuel use.

-improve energy efficiency

-shift to renewable energy resources.

-reduce deforestation

-use more sustainable agriculture and forestrys.

• Biking, walking, and using public transportation are all ways to reduce fossil fuel use.

• Reducing the time and number of cars on the road will reduce emissions.

many communities lack good public transporation

• Carbon capture and storage (ccs): Stratigies to remove CO2 from atmosphere and store it.

• Strategies:

-Strictly regualted CO2 and CH2 (green house gasses)

-Phase out coal burning power plants.

-tax CO2 or CH4 emmision's start energy taxes

-Phase out (subtideen) tax breaks for fossil fuel industries and industrialized food production.

-increased development of alternatives.

what you can do

•calculate your coarbon footprint (there are several helpful websites).

•walk, bike, carpool, and use mass transit

•Reduce garbage by reducing consumption, recycling. and reusing more items.

•Use energy-efficiant appliances and LED light bulbs.

•wash clothes in warm or cold water and hang them to dry

•Close window curtains to keep heat in or out.

use a low-flow shower head

•Eat less meat or no meat

Heavily insulate your house and seal all air leaks

•use energy-efficient windows

•set your hot-water heater to 49°C (120°F)

•Plant trees